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The Viking guide to the West Indies

Palm trees on the beach in St. Thomas - guide to the West Indies

With a tropical climate, colourful culture and vibrant cuisine, the West Indies is an unforgettable portrait of paradise.

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Without question, the islands of the West Indies have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. In addition, the large number of indigenous tropical plants and wildlife create an exotic charm, making the Caribbean feel even more intoxicating and irresistible.

Despite this idyllic and far-flung flavour, there is a distinct Western influence that can be felt throughout the islands. Whether it is San Juan’s grand Spanish architecture, the French heritage of Cienfuegos or Scarborough’s elegant Georgian style, the West Indies’ unique make-up is historic and multi-cultural.

The culture of the Caribbean people is a blend of African, American Indian, European and, in some cases, Asian influences. However, despite their differences, the islands are unified by a love of music and festivals; they are further tied together with a friendly and welcoming demeanour.

Full of natural wonder, rich heritage and dazzling flavours – you can find a selection of Caribbean recipes here –  the West Indies is an intoxicating treasure trove for the senses.

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