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The Viking guide to Canada

Sophisticated cities, soaring natural beauty and fertile farmlands make up Canada – the second largest country in the world.

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It is no surprise, then, that Canada’s landscapes are vast, unending and simply breath-taking. Much of the nation is undeveloped wilderness, from forested plains to stark northern tundra. The Rocky Mountains, the Great Lakes and Niagara Falls are among its most magnificent natural wonders. Along the St. Lawrence River, admire dramatic fjords, charming lighthouses and forested shorelines. In addition, you may spot as many as a dozen species of whale in these waters. Read more about where to experience the different types of Canadian wildlife here.

However, the country’s history is just as rich as its geographical makeup. It was inhabited by the Inuit people to begin with; the first Europeans to arrive were the Vikings led by Leif Eriksson in the year 1000. However, the winters were harsh, and their stay was short-lived. Over 800 years later – after an intense feud between England and France to colonise the region – Canada was officially formed in 1867. Britain passed the British North American Acts, granting Canada the freedom to govern itself.

Fast forward to the late 19th century and Canada began a policy of open immigration to help develop and grow the country. Consequently, Canada has become a place of great cultural diversity. Surprisingly, for its size, the population is relatively small; 33 million people of a generally tolerant and welcoming nature inhabit this immense and alluring country.

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  1. Susan Dunk on

    My husband and i are thinking of going to Canada for my special birthday in June 2020. If we were to book a cruise with you would we get discount for booking early?

    • Viking on

      Hello Susan, If you book a cruise for 2020 now you will get the best possible price. A saving of £500pp plus gratuities included so you don’t have to worry about tipping once on board. I hope that helps.

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